Celebrity Weight LossAriya Jutanugarn Weight loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Who does not know the Famous and top-ranked golfer, Ariya Jutanugarn. Well if you don’t know the elite level of her world rankings let me tell you some.

Ariya Jutanugarn is the only person of either gender to be ranked No 1 in women’s World Golf Ranking back in June 2017.

She is a professional Thai Golfer from Bangkok, but despite her excellence in a sport she loves, people are curious about the body change that happen to her lately

So what is the reason for Ariya Jutanugarn weight loss? Did she undergo a special weight loss diet plan? Is she having some medical problems? Well, here we are to put the light on every aspect of her body transformation.

Let’s dig in.


Ariya jutanugarn weight loss journey – How much weight did she lose?

Like every other person undergoing some body and weight changes, Ariya is really silent regarding her changes. Although she did not utter much about what she is doing and what is about to achieve with herself, her fans do mention some changes they see.

Seeing her at present, we might not hesitate to mention that she looks a bit slimmer than before. Comparing her before and After pictures from social media, we can clearly see the difference.

Seeking her interest in being healthier in recent years shows the real reason for her body changes. In 2019, the Golfer actually went down 20 pounds from her weight and did it on purpose to seek success in her career.

In addition, the Star of Golf herself addressed the Press saying that if she needs to play Golf in her late years of life she needs to be healthy now.

She said,

I need to stay healthy. And I want to play golf for a long time. I have been more selective with food. I have cut off sugar.

Ariya Jutanugarn Diabetic issues – The REAL cause for her Weight loss

As a normal person, the diet and turning to a healthy meal plan can be daunting whereas the athletes like Ariya can go off easily along with all this.

Changing to eating healthy can be a bit norm to an athlete like Ariya, but cutting on sugars can be a challenging thing for a person having a bit of a sweet tooth.

Also having a Diabetic history running through her family, she might have a high risk of becoming Diabetic if she does not skip eating sugar.

Due to this very reason, her family and mostly her mother pushed her to the healthier side. Ariya stated,

I got yelled at by my mom because I kept eating lots of desserts. I had a blood test and everything come back pretty bad so I had to cut down. I can have only one bite or two bites if I want to because I have issues.

Ariya Jutanugarn Diet Plan – What she eats in a day

Like we have mentioned earlier, an athlete never feels fear with the diet he has to follow. Or we can say its always been the norm for these guys

Speaking of Ariya, she was a little drifted towards her noncontrolled eating habits but she could always have a buckle on them when needed.

In an interview in 2020, she shared her sugar-cutting reason from her diet as this was something that could come in between her dream career and her.

A person like Ariya or any other person who ought to lose weight can actually take help from the dietician. They can help you Regulate every meal plan of the day taking care of every supplement your body nearly requires in an entire working day.

Although the artist is much close-lipped about her struggles and diet plan for weight loss, we can still assume some of her eating habits.

Like all other celebs, Ariya must have given off her junk food with all the spices and oils. Like she omitted the sugar, most of her food must have all the veggies and fruits and other protein portions.

Ariya’s Workout for a healthy body

In addition to her sealed-lipped strategy for her weight loss, there was not much to mention about the type of workout she use to do.

An athlete and workout are always handed to hand when it comes to keeping fit and running as the years pass by. The Golfer Ariya also likes to take her career to success and heights by being healthy and having no doubts about skipping the workout.

Workout can be also different for different people and body types. There is never all fit in one process in workout or diet plans.

You can always go for what best works for you. You can be a part of people who can lose weight with the skip of a single-time snack from the routine or else be among the ones who fight hard in the gym to lose fee pounds in months.

Ariya Jutanugarn Now and then

If you are her follower, you can eventually see the vivid difference in her body within a snap of time. Considering her before and After pictures on her social media, now what we see is the more healthier and capable woman of ruling and chasing her career dreams more passionately.

A 25 years old, professional Thai golfer is in perfect shape to let people know her worth and capabilities.

Ariya Jutanugarn Weight loss before after

Ariya Jutanugarn Height and Weight

Born on 23 November 1995, Ariya Jutanugarn is a professional Thai golfer who has earned a lot of titles to her name. She is the only person in either gender to name the title of Women’s World Golf

Ranking in 2017. She is the professional golfer to the American team in LPGA. The Golfer with all the body changes and weight loss is at a weight of 73 kgs with a height of 170 cm to match.

Our Concluding remarks

In our concluding Verdicts about the Ariya Jutanugarn weight loss journey, we can say that it was all driven by her self conscious and nothing was really serious medically. It was her choice to choose a better and healthier future for her career and life and she did great about it.

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