Celebrity Weight LossRoxxxy Andrews Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Roxxxy Andrews Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Michael Feliciano is well-known by the stage name Roxxxy Andrews in the American industry. This drag artist obtained the actual limelight after the popularity of RuPaul’s Drag season five and RuPaul’s Drag Race All-Stars season two. 

No doubt, a renowned name in television competition shows amazed the viewers with an outstanding performance. But he became the center of attention for many after an incredible weight loss. Apart from his professional or private life activities, people eagerly hold back to learn about Roxxxy Andrews weight loss. So let’s know about all the top secrets of his weight reduction in detail.


Roxxxy Andrews weight loss journey

Everyone desire to have a healthy and fit body, but it has become the top priority they are a part of the industry. The same thing went for Roxxxy Andrews, his mission to show off her smart looks, and went through a hard struggle of weight loss to achieve the dream. According to the article Brawny Bombshell Fitness in 2013, Roxxxy marked down the weight up to 70 pounds to fulfill his desire of looking healthy and smart. 

After that, he strictly follows his diet and workout sessions to keep himself far away from the pitch of obesity. He constantly manages his diet routine to make sure that he doesn’t get any extra weight. Now, from his weight loss journey, we can observe that the main thing that he focuses on is commitment and dedication to his routine schedule.

Roxxxy Andrews diet plan and workout session

There is no exact diet plan and workout session shared by Roxxxy Andrews. But we can assume from his journey that whatever he added to his diet is healthy, low in carbs, and sugar-free. He quit consumption of alcohol, fast food, and high-calorie products. He commits himself wholeheartedly to intense workouts to make his body physically fit.

Diet and workout plan are the two main key factors towards a healthy lifestyle which Roxxy observes willingly. And ultimately lose about 70 pounds by just sticking to his plan. No one can make the dream of looking smart and fit if he/she doesn’t follow the above-mentioned pattern consistently.

Roxxxy Andrews before and after

We assume that Roxxxy Andrew had quite a chubby body before weight loss because he lost 70 pounds, which means he got a massive transformation. He fulfils the desire of getting a healthy and perfect body shape and set a perfect example for the followers that nothing is impossible if done with full determination. After losing weight, he didn’t quit his plans because he didn’t want to get that massive body again.

Roxxxy Andrews weight loss before after

Roxxxy Andrews height and weight

No exact height and weight are given of this 40 years drag performer yet. You will be updated soon with exact body measurements and weight if we find any information.

Our Concluding remarks

People always need some inspiration and motivation to compel themselves to obtain healthy and smart looks. After reading Roxxxy Andrew weight loss journey, you can kick start your weight loss story. No doubt, a strict diet plan, and intensive workout sessions do wonder in weight loss, but commitment and willingness to follow routines are much more important. If you want to about the weight loss story of any other celebrity, just comment down. We will try our best to fulfill your requests. Have a healthy life.

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