Celebrity Weight LossKevin James Weight Loss Journey | Diet And Workout Routine

Kevin James Weight Loss Journey | Diet And Workout Routine

Here is what we have for you on Kevin James Weight loss story. Kevin James,  an American actor plus comedian has been a lot on trending with the huge hit back on his weight loss. And while saying a hit back on weight loss,  I say it’s actually A LOT to achieve.

The shred story of 80 pounds has left every shocked. With such a great success story, it has been a great talk of the town to wonder what has happened? What was the cause of it? And who was behind such great success and achievement?

So don’t worry we have worked into depths to let you all of your clear your doubts and suspicions.


Kevin James Weight Loss Struggle Story

Like every struggle story, the start is always at picking up the right trainer or the motivational personal to whom you want to admire in achieving that goal

Kevin James was to become an MMA fighter for a movie Here comes the Boom, so what could be his possible celebrity pick for all the admiration? Can it be someone better than a former MMA fighter champion than itself? Definitely not

Kevin James,  he told that he was a strong admirer and fam of firmer MMA fighter Bas Rutten and he always wanted to work with him in real life. For the purpose of his transition, he thought it to be the best to hope on to Bas Rutten for some trainer help and support.

On the other hand, his personal trainer has also said that Kevin James wanted to do it very professionally and solely. To him, his transformation was not only for the movie but for the self-promotion and for the love of the people who love him.

According to his trainer Ryan Parson, on Kevin’s demand, he was quite tough on him in making that admirable fighter body possible. It had promoted Kevin so much that he was up to making his workouts 3 times a day for several months in a row.

The pushbacks of the success story

Seeing such a motivational and enthusiastic success story of weight whipping you should have fallen for the fact that there were certainly no pushbacks to this story.

I guess like all of us, Kevin James has also had troubles and pushbacks to his transformation story. According to his appearance after the movie,  many of us ad saw him in his changed version again, and with considering CHANGED this time I say it in a controversial state.

Kevin soon after the movie started to regain all that he has fought for. Like it’s always said fighting so something is easier than having and retaining it for a longer time.

According to Kevin after his movie was a big hit to a limited audience, he said life and mind were many clearers before when he was in good shape and he wishes to get back to his practice and shape.

He said, “ I want to get back in shape, bad. I  felt better, my clothes fit me, my mind is clearer.  But it’s a very difficult thing to sustain. I was working out all the time when I was getting ready for the movie.”

Kevin james Workout session

To be an MMA fighter,  working and transforming were never easier for Kevin. With his trainer, Parsons alongside Kevin has had and practiced through the months and never missed a single thing mentioned by the criteria.

Parsons made him do his basic counts of sit-ups and push-ups with the brief padding sessions to firstly prepare the body with versatility and power for further gain. Later for the fill body boxing challenge, he scheduled the sessions of mixed kicks and pad training with many more MMA fighter techniques and drills.

Kevin james Weight Loss Diet Routine

With the beaming workout, the diet has to play a strong role in pivoting the situation to the very next level. According to the resources Kevin James pulled out to pour in every green he possibly could to complement his workout routines. But still, after an amazing effort of 14 straight months, he ended up reverse played all he had gained.

Kevin James Weight and height

Kevin James has a height of 173cm with a weight of nearly 95kgs. He is a moderate-sized man with a bit more of a weight to complement his height. But for the movies and projects, he never failed to whip off those extra pounds and that is what makes him a true performer.

Kevin James Before and After Weight Loss

The difference was clear from the shrunk appearance of Kevin James. The 80-pound shred was not easy and we can not help ourselves in praising what he has achieved.

Kevin james before after

How much did Kevin James weigh in grown-ups?

The famous star brought back the scale to amazing 260 pounds with a loss of 40 pounds in the weight loss process.

How much weight did Kevin James lose during King of Queens?

Kevin whipped out almost 80 pounds from him. During his promotion of the movie, he said losing 80 pounds was not easy for him and due to this weight shed he was able to do many scenes of the movie without bearing any injury.


Kevin James is a very fine and committed actor who made many weight transformational changes for his work. Kevin James weight loss was also more for his role than his own will. But being a comedian first, he always puts his laughing remarks on his weight before anyone does. After all the struggle, Kevin still wishes to have a sustained weight loss journey and effects even after the movies


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