Celebrity Weight LossRobert Costa Weight Loss Journey | Diet And Workout Routine

Robert Costa Weight Loss Journey | Diet And Workout Routine

Robert Costa weight loss is quite a noticeable one. Wondering how and why? Head on to the details given below.

Robert Costa is an American journalist and political analyst who has set the trend-setting imprints on the journalist industry. From his success and hard work, most of us know him as the national political reporter on Washington Post and a political analyst for the NCB and MSNBC new.

Robert Costa had an interest in policies and journalism for his high school. Keeping his passion alive for his career path and field he has nailed down every damn nail to the board.

With his popularity due to his generous and genuine work, many of his fans started to notice a strange difference in his body. And while saying the difference,  it was actually NOTICEABLE.

The difference we are talking about now is weight loss. The fans, the coworkers, and the team was shaken by such changes to Mr. Costa.

From then onwards, the only thing that is foreseen is only the betterment like there is no turning back for Mr. Costa.

A lot for you must be still intrigues by how he has managed to lose such amount of pounds shed in the past years and still working on it. Let us solve your queries by giving you a detailed Robert Costa weight loss journey.


Robert Costa weight loss journey

Robert costa’s weight loss journey was not that could be seen in weeks or days. It was time taking and when I say long, consider years for referential bases.

According to him, his weight loss journey was mere MORE ATTENTION to himself.  A busy and polar journalist might fall right to deliver every news to nation deliberately but not all things fall light and easy for them.

With his busy work routine,  he did not have much time to look or think for himself and his overweight body. While being on sets it was all about the deliberate conveys and resourceful and interrupts free debates. The weight loss despite the busy schedule was praised by his many followers in recent ways.

One said,

Dude, great job on the weight loss. Forget the WH scoops, the real story is how to lose weight when u have crazy hours, a busy schedule, and a country that’s stress eating.

-A Fan’s Twitter comment about his weight loss.

Robert Costa weight loss

According to Robert Costa,  the decision of taking care of himself was quick and spontaneous and then the magic happened

Robert also revealed that it was his body too, who pushed him to gather his thoughts about a better version of himself.

He said, “I realized I was getting too tired “.

Robert Costa

Robert Costa Workouts Session

Mr. Costa was a man of healing the inside first then to the outside struggle. To him, his diet was first and then the workout. The workout sessions were nothing much than a regular and committed walk.

Even people and the co-workers asked hum about the workout he was carrying through to define his body he said he was just omitted to a regular walk in a day and that’s all.

He stated,

I started taking a walk a day and drinking black coffee. And ever since I committed to that, and been the better for it.

-Robert Costa’s weight loss secrets.

From the past years, he had been stuck to his walk routine, and since then nothing ever stopped him.

According to him, a mile was a must or on the tired days, you can go to half a mile but must not ditch the schedule or yourself.

Robert Costa Diet Routine

When Robert was amassed about how he started his transformation journey he said it was quite spontaneous.

He said he was on CAMPAIGN DJET ever since he started his career and things started going off a bit busy. All he was consuming was junk food and loads of hamburgers.

And then, there was the point of realization when one day he said

I asked myself,

Why am I eating a hamburger a day?

-Robert Costa realized his eating habits.

From that day he kicked out every junk he was adding to his body from the last many years of work and started to go healthy.

Robert Costa Weight loss diet plans

To Robert Costa, it was always the food first and the exercise.  Keeping his formulas straight and manageable,  he started kicking off all the sugars, carbs, and creams from his everyday work routines.

For diet, he was eating a sugar-free and healthier diet. His coffee turned plain black from a high sugar cream one. Having a black coffee is never too easy and taste developing but for a passionate person like Mr. Costa it was all about the achievement.

Robert Costa Before and After

In the pictures given on his social accounts, the difference is quite evident to ignore and pass by. No doubts that the man has grown more charming over the time of struggles and success with his weight loss journey.

Robert Costa weight loss

Does Robert Costa join any weight loss program?

In an interview, Robert Costa was asked if he had joined any weight loss program to which he replied negatively. He said he was all dependent on his diet only for his weight loss journey and had never done any specific workout sessions for this purpose. Anyhow the most frequent and only option to his workout routines was the basic walk.

How much did Robert Costa lose weight?

From all of the kicking off the junk foods and sticking to a sugar-free diet, Robert Costa losses about 24 pounds a year. By seeing his latest pictures on social media,  you can clearly see the difference between now and the past few years.


In addition to all the standing qualities of Robert Costa, the most that have inspired all of us has surely been the Robert Costa weight loss journey. Many of us have been thrilled by how he has managed to put his little and long efforts to himself just to get a little better for the work he loves to do. As a person of beautiful mind and soul, and now with a more charming physique, Robert costa is considered to be the one of finest men of his kind.


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