Celebrity Weight LossScott Jennings Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Scott Jennings Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

You must be aware of the name Scott Jennings, a well-known name in CNN and journalism. This on-screen personality admires people not only from his work but from his quick transformation as well. People want to know about all the secret and struggle that he made to achieve this goal. After a lot of questionnaires about his transformation, he recently sums up his entire journey in an online article. But before discussing Scott Jennings weight loss, let’s have a quick view of his hype.

Scott Jennings is famous for his work as a conservative political commentator and contributor for CNN. He remained a dominant political commentator of the Bush-Cheney campaign in New Mexico in 2004.  He is a writer of enormous articles for CNN.com, the courier-journal, the LA Times, and the USA today. His recent appearance on CNN gives a wave of curiosity among his followers. Viewers wondered to see the smart healthy looks of Jennings. Let’s dive into his weight loss secrets in detail.


Scott Jennings weight loss story

Scott Jennings remained a chubby boy and fatty adult throughout his life. He had an average weight of about 250-275 pounds for years. He was well known for his bad mental and physical health due to being overweight. He never found a time to manage the weight scale due to busy journalism schedules. But soon the time arrives where he intensely realized to lose weight.

On 16 January 2021, he went out with friends for dinner. He had the heaps of shrimps and grids and chunks of carrot cake that night. Before dinner, his suit was quite fit but after that, he found that button deserves a medal to close. He felt awful emotionally and physically and decided to make difference.

During his weight loss, he fluctuates between different marks. He once reached the weight of 220 pounds from 275pounds. And the secret to reaching this mark was “run farther, eat less.”

But the weight came back to the same point from where he started. As Scott Jennings said:

“The weight came back. It always does. You can’t exercise your way out of this. In my experience, it’s 95% about your diet, although I did start walking at least 45 minutes a day this year.

He tried several effective diets and dropped to 194 pounds in 2017 but this was a short success. As when he checked his weight after that dinner, his weight rise to a scale of 233 pounds. He found that stress anxiety, boredom, and social demands made him eat all day which bring him back to the point from where he started. So what did he do to lose weight effectively? Let’s discuss.

How Did Scott Jennings Lose Weight?

Scott Jennings went through many ups and downs during his weight loss journey as we have discussed above. He fluctuates between different pounds from 275lbs to 220lbs and ultimately drops to 194lbs. But again he got a weight of 233lbs which means that he can’t find an effective solution for weight loss. The first time during weight loss he focused on “eat less and run farther” but this did not prove to be a long-term benefit because of busy scheduling. Then he decided to hit something different that is intimate fasting and searching for a nutritious diet. And these things ultimately help him to transform into the desired look. Let’s discuss her diet plan in detail and how he observed these two things in his busy routine.

Scott Jennings Diet Plan

Intermitting fasting played a huge role in Scott’s weight loss. At first, this idea didn’t appear good. As he couldn’t found that how much time he can spend without eating, let alone sixteen, twenty-four, or thirty-six? As Scott said in his weight loss article:

“I started by abstaining from food for 16 hours and eating during an eight-hour window. Basically, I skipped breakfast and then ate lunch and dinner. This wasn’t too hard, although the first few days my brain screamed: WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

He added:

“Over time I dropped to a six, then four, and now, on most days, a one-hour eating window (the one meal a day method). Think of it like weightlifting. You must build up capacity.”

In eating hours he drinks a lot of water, coffee, or green tea with no sweeteners or artificial flavors. A bottle of water with lime wedges became his go-to meal. He tried to eat between 1 pm to 5 pm daily with a gap of 3 hours from bedtime. He didn’t remain hungry, he eats until he’s full. He made a variety of dishes using brown eggs, meat, vegetables, or cheese. In his opinion, eat whatever you want but with adequate fat and salt, as they have their own importance in the body.

As he got control of his weight, he realized a fact that he is addicted to sugar but he never admits that. He said:

“I am addicted to sugar. I don’t want a cookie; I want 10 cookies. But I finally took a stand against the bombardment of sugar and processed foods we face daily, and it has been nothing short of a personal miracle (this is exponentially harder for parents, as having kids puts you in greater contact with a whole bunch of garbage food that nobody needs).”

In short, he quit everything that contains sugar so that he is less likely to crave sweeteners. He ate whatever he wants to but in a moderate amount. He took feasting as seriously as he took fasting. He recommends that one should enjoy a meal instead of eating mindlessly.

Scott Jennings Workout Session

Talking about workout sessions, there is no authentic information about this. But we assume from his article that he preferred a lot of walking when tried to lose weight for the first time. Might be a busy journalism schedule that didn’t let him take out time for a proper workout. Intermitting fasting and a healthy diet remained keys for him to achieve the weight loss goal.

Scott Jennings before and after

Scott’s Jennings weight loss story brings a lot of changes in his life. He had never felt so lighter, healthier, and stable as he feels after weight loss. He shed down 55pounds after that dinner night till now. He lost some weight every week and found that his body fat has decreased from 26.5 percent to 16.2 percent.

He found a lot of people during his journey which makes him feel down. But he remained confident and consistent and stick to his plan with the hope that one day he will get a result. And this happened when he found a noticeable change in his weight and health.

He advises his followers to experiment with different things to lose weight and find the one that best suits their life. Commit to your plans and do your Homework daily to see beneficial results.

Scott Jennings weight loss before after

Scott Jennings weight and Height

Scott Jennings is a man of 5ft 7inches with a smarter and healthy look. His exact weight is not known that how much he weighs now. But he lost 55 pounds during his weight loss journey.


Scott Jennings weight loss story is discussed deeply above. You can take inspiration from his story and head toward a healthy life. Alone inspiration is not enough until you bring the same dedication and consistency as he had in his plan. Stick with us to know more inspirational stories of other celebrities. Let us know below in the comments how inspirational this story proved for you.


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