Celebrity Weight LossEmma Hunton Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Emma Hunton Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

We all know Emma Hunton from her biggest small-screen debut as Davia (Good Trouble) aired in 2019. The character has left notable turned to show her sincerity to the role as well as her career. Since the first season aired back in 2019, the show is on its 3rd season now and we can see a new version of our Good Trouble actor.

Most of all, Hunton’s fans have inquired greatly about the shocking changes in her body recently. The actor never misses to flaunts her new body and so have the fans in Questioning her.

Most of them of was the same question that how did Emma Hunton Weight loss happen? Did she take any serious steps in order to achieve that body? Let us find out all the details Emma Hunton of Emma Hunton weight loss secrets.

Emma Hunton Weight Loss Journey – How did She Achieve It?

It all started with a screen appearance after a while. Good Trouble star, acting as Fat Girl on the show was not the same this time on screens. Hunton’s trimmed body shape did start off some deep speculations by her fans. The slimmer trimmer version also hinted at faking fatness in the show by some of her fans

The speculations and questions got raging as Emma posted a mirror selfie flaunting every inch of what she admires about herself. With this picture, she replied to all the speculations piled up by her fans about her weight loss.

In her caption she replied,

“Don’t you just want to rip off the band-aid? *I got divorced. Y’all can stop asking how I lost weight now. Damn ☹️”

Just to be on the good side, some of her fans started pouring in good praises and Remarks to the recently divorced actress in sympathy. In this regard some said,

“Just wanna say that you were and are and always will be beautiful. No matter your size. Some of these comments are setting back body positivity and fat liberation a decade.”

While some were encouraging the actress for her beauty inside our,  others were keen on knowing the reasons, diets, and her workout sessions just to be more clear.

How did Emma Hunton Lose Weight?


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Many assumptions were made about Emma Hunton weight loss. Some were encouraging the actress for her beauty inside out, others were keen on knowing the reasons, diets, and her workout sessions just to be more clear.

Some thought that she might not have a good amount of food after her divorce as post divorced trauma. They thought that this might be the reason for her body changes and weight loss.

As everyone is speculating the number of pounds she lost from her body, the actress still has not confirmed any diet plans, and neither there was any mention of any workout session. So we can’t tell the exact ways of her losing weight now.

Emma Hunton Before and After

Emma Hunton is an American actress who has recently hit our big screens to mesmerize us with her new looks. Her body is nothing but more trimmed and her slimmer physiques give her a good wardrobe change. Her bikini picture posts in the summers and body flaunting mirror selfies discloses some great body changes.

Emma Hunton Weight loss before after

Emma Hunton Height and Weight

Emma Hunton is a very talented American actress who has recently blown the minds of her followers with a good body transformation. The actress has recently dropped to 55kgs on a scale with a height of 157cm.

Emma Hunton Talks About Body Positivity

Emma Hunton is clearly attracted to her role as Davia in Good troubles as she could relate herself with the role and can find her way out of what she was never told as a fat child. Davia is a character that has been really active on social media, hiding and balancing her imperfections just to be sure of acknowledgment in the society she lives in.

“I absolutely think (for the first time) we see Davia caring about someone else more than herself. It forces her to grow up and start finding her footing in the adult world.”

She further said,

“I think her newfound friendship with Dennis brings out a softer side to Davia, and I’m having the best time finding those beautiful, complicated moments that help comprise who she is.”

With the advancement of episodes in drama, the character modifies and changes with the real knowledge of what knowing yourself is. Hunton has learned a lot from this character and has applied the same mantra in her real-life use in reel life.

As a beginner on the show, the address revealed that she had to do a complete naked blow-dry shoot which made her nervous. She surgery explained that the reason was not that she did not know many of the crew, but she did not like herself as a fat girl and never wished for anyone else to see her likewise.

The actress explained, that she had to go through this just to make another girl out there who takes herself lesser than any other average fat girl. She said,

“I asked myself why I felt this way, and I realized it was because I never got to see anyone like me growing up, and I had to feel uncomfortable now so someone watching me wouldn’t feel uncomfortable later.”

The Drama received so much critical praise and appreciation for adding such a vast and unique niche to the screens. This character has led many of the young girls to acknowledge what their truth is and so has empowered Hunton herself.

She added,

“It felt so empowering: Sure I had seen fat girls on TV, but never where they weren’t used as a device to mock their own bodies or for someone else to poke fun at. It’s rare to see a curvy girl glorified as attractive or even sexually active. We’re the punchline to everyone’s joke.”

The character of Davia was so penetrative for the actress herself that soon she was too comfortable for the fact of being fat and chubby. Hunton could finally accept herself as a dignified person rather than considering girls like her as an unintended pun for society.

Our Concluding Remarks

In the above facts of Emma Hunton weight loss journey, all we can say is that her body changes and weight loss might have been the result of her post-divorce trauma. Emma Hunton is a person who has inspired many women out there with heavy bodies to be confident about themselves. Now when she has shocked many of her fans with her body change in a good way, there is a lot to inspire now. There is not much that the actress has confirmed about her weight loss journey nor did she address any weight loss diet or workout. We can surely see something has changed her to a good fill and we are loving the way she has walked towards health now.


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