Celebrity Weight LossMark Mangino Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Mark Mangino Weight Loss | Diet And Workout Routine

Mark Mangino is not a new name for football lovers. He is a former football head coach at the University of Kansas who has lost his job in 2009 because of his misbehavior with players. But in 2013, soon he returned back to his position after accepting the Youngstown state offer. On his back, everyone wondered to see him as he lost an incredible weight.

His followers started to question that what magic plan he has adapted to configure such a healthy look than before. Do you also have the same question in your mind? Stick with us to know about all the details of mark Mangino weight loss.


Mark Mangino weight loss journey

The blubbery bully’s weight loss journey started when he is on the break of coaching and found a piece of motivation, realizing the importance of being around by grandkids. As he said,

“During the time I was off I got a chance to spend time with the grandkids. It was so much fun being around them, and I got to thinking about a year or so ago, ‘If I don’t do something, am I going to see them get their first Holy Communion, am I going to see them graduate high school, go to college? Am I going to be able to hang in there and see them get married?”

Further, he continued,

“I thought about it and I said, ‘The chances are that I might not.”

That off-time from his professional life proves to be a turning point for him. He led to the road of weight loss in which he succeeded. He made drastic changes in his lifestyle and describes his efforts by saying,

“It’s hard for a guy like me, but I decided I was going to change my lifestyle, get more exercise, just change everything, make a drastic, drastic change in the way I looked at things. And so far it’s been good. I’m getting my exercise. During two-a-days, it’s tough to exercise, but I get a little walk and I get my exercise out here (during practice).”

Mark Mangino diet plan

Mangino’s diet plan proves to be a game-changer for him. His wife Mary Jane’s is the impelling force behind his efforts to shed weight. She took care of his whole diet plan perfectly as he said,

“Mary Jane’s been very good about preparing what I should eat and how much to eat.”

She makes sure that what he eat should be low in carb, sugar-free, and full of healthy nutrient like fiber that keeps you full longer and reduce your appetite. Mangino was so obligated to follow all the directions of his wife. Because after seeing his wife’s illness he gets to know the importance of healthy life.

Mark Mangino workout session

Dieting can never work alone if one doesn’t have a proper workout session. Although you don’t need to do hard and fast exercises there should be fewer effort workouts. It’s very hard for a person like Mangino to have a workout routine because of a busy schedule and obesity. So what he did, he make the habit of doing some practice (even twice a day) as he knew that all these struggles are going to pay back to him.

It’s very difficult for him to do exercise but he managed to do it all and never give up. In case, on days if he can’t have practice then he went for a little walk.

Mark Mangino before and after

In 2013, when the interviewer asked mark Mangino that how much weight he has lost, he replied,

“I don’t know my peak weight, maybe it was because I didn’t want to face it. I started working out, watching what I was eating, and doing different things probably six, eight weeks before I ever checked my weight. I can tell you that having weighed in the 28th or 29th of August, I was down 127 pounds (from about a year ago).”

Mark Mangino Weight Loss before after

No one can stop himself from appreciating the mark Mangino weight loss journey because losing 127 pounds is not a small thing.

Mark Mangino weight and height

No exact weight and height measurements of this guy are available yet. We’ll update you soon whenever we found any information about this.

Our Concluding remarks

Nothing is impossible in this world if done with full enthusiasm and dedication. And this is proved by Mangino who give us all major weight loss goals. We have discussed mark Mangino weight loss journey, his struggle, and his efforts. If you want to know about any other celebrity’s weight loss story, comment below. We are looking forward to answering your queries.

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