YOGAWhat to Eat Before Yoga. Simple and Smart Menu For Yoga Practitioners

What to Eat Before Yoga. Simple and Smart Menu For Yoga Practitioners

Yoga is a mind-body discipline, but before you can improve your yoga practice and nourish your mind, you must first properly fuel your body. Although it is ideal for exercising with an empty stomach, you will need to take in something light an hour or two before attending a yoga session. Of course, you can figure out what to eat before yoga in the morning with planning and trial and error, and you might know that eating the wrong foods (greasy or fried foods) before doing yoga might give you heartburn, indigestion, and stomach pain.

So, to avoid all this, we have compiled some pre-yoga meal ideas of prominent yoga teachers to help you enhance your yoga training by eating healthy food.

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Better not to Eat Before Yoga Class?

what to eat before a yoga class
What to eat before a yoga class

It depends on your body and when actually you do yoga. If it is in your morning routine, you can go with an empty stomach. However, you can also have healthy breakfast. Figure out “What do yogis eat for breakfast?”.

Nevertheless, if you do yoga after your working routine, it is right to add a smart snack (not a full meal) to your eating schedule, as you will not have enough energy for yoga.

Healthy foods

what to eat before yoga in the morning
What to eat before yoga in the morning?

Yoga practitioners and instructors recommend eating whole foods such as raw nuts, bananas, and dried fruit. The most recommended food, though, is avocado.

Healthy Granola Bars

Healthy Granola Bars
Granola Bars

Our first suggestion is nutritious Granola bars which are quick snacks that contain peanut butter, almonds, honey, and oats. It has a high protein content and no processed sugar. And, of course, we hasten to please all those who want to lose weight. Granola can help you lose weight if you consume a healthy type that is high in fibre. Another good thing about Granola Bars is that Granola, because of the oats, includes a lot of fibre, which is wonderful for the digestion process. In addition, it can be a winner for folks with gut health issues.



Thinking about what to eat before hot yoga, remember about bananas first! Bananas are an excellent pre-yoga snack. They are high in potassium, which prevents cramps and keeps your water balance in check, and they are also a great source of easily digestible carbs, which will provide you with the power for your yoga practice. Because of its carbohydrate and vitamin B content, it will provide you with a fast burst of energy. Furthermore, it suppresses appetite and is easy to digest.



Our next suggestion is to drink smoothies. Make use of leafy greens, fruits, protein, and fluids. Smoothies are an excellent way to consume more healthy meals both before and after class. They’re quick and simple to make, and they also save your time and worry of cooking a whole dinner. Simply prepare your ingredients, place them in the blender, and you’re done. For flavor, combine a tablespoon of greens powder, a spoon of protein powder, as well as a handful of spinach, a handful of raw almonds, some coconut water, and frozen fruit. It’s filling, hydrating and, best of all. What’sWhat’s even better is that it just takes a minute to prepare.

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Banana + Almond Butter + Greens

Banana + Almond Butter + Greens
Banana + Almond Butter + Greens

The goal of this combo is to help you push through your yoga practice. As we have already mentioned, eating a banana before training is beneficial because they include carbs and B vitamins, which offer a fast energy boost.

Almonds inhibit the release of glucose from bananas into circulation. At the same time, greens give nutritives and minerals that help to balance the diet.

Sprouted Toast and Avocado

Sprouted Toast and Avocado
Sprouted Toast and Avocado

The sprouting process increases the amount of antioxidants available in cereal grains, so having sprouted toasts will provide you with enough energy to complete even the most challenging yoga poses.

Avocado is an excellent superfood both for taking in before and after yoga class. This is because of the multiple advantages it gives. It has a plethora of vitamins (vitamin e, c, k) and other minerals in general. Returning to the fat issue, avocados contain monounsaturated fats, which are heart-healthy fats. Another factor contributing to avocado’s popularity is its ease of incorporation into most diets.

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We really hope that our suggestions will assist you in selecting the appropriate food for a light meal before going to a yoga workout, so you will find your answers to the question “What to eat before yoga class?“. And last but not least, whether you practice yoga early in the morning or evening, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water or lemon water!


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