YOGAYoga Postures For Shoulder Pain | 10 Poses To Find Relief

Yoga Postures For Shoulder Pain | 10 Poses To Find Relief

Yoga Postures For Shoulder Pain

With the present-day pandemic-driven world, a person is more and more dependent on using technology and advancement. With many hours sitting hunched on a computer screen or using the mobile is all our lives have taken care of at present. This has given rise to shoulder pains and we are here to present you with pain managing yoga postures for shoulder pain.

Due to this routine, one has felt the great bottled-up stress on the shoulders area specifically.  This builds up due to improper physical sitting postures or by stressing out sitting too much on screens. This stress is basically known as shoulder pain.

To release all the stress and pain in your shoulder area, I have gathered and jotted down some extremely useful yoga postures for the shoulder pain that can make your shoulders light as ever. This can be done anywhere and are basically stretch postures that can help you regain the relieving chest and shoulders are.

It should not be missed that if anyone of you cannot perform any postures at first can release them immediately and try to adopt the easier poses at first.

What is the purpose of shoulder pain?

Before getting straight into the poses, I would love to describe the actual purpose of the shoulder pain. Shoulder pain like all other pains can happen to occur with the damage of the soft tissues of the targeted areas. This damage can be done as a result of inflammation, stress, or sitting too much in the wrong physical postures.

In most prominent cases, shoulder pain can be a result of any direct physical damage due to any injury or accident.

How can we fix this pain?

If you do not have any physical injury and still have much of the pain left in your shoulders that must be out of taking stress and wrong postures. This type of pain can be resolved by doing some yoga postures for the shoulder pain that are basically a handful of stretch poses.

In case you do not want to do yoga you can take a break from your regular hectic routine and make some room for your relaxation. Rest will eventually trigger the muscle’s relaxation which will soon make your pain vanish.

In case of strong injures, you should first consider a good physician to avoid any further tissue damage

Best Yoga Poses for shoulder pain

If you want yourself free from all the pain that your shoulders carry,  yoga is the best known and the easiest remedy for it. Yoga postures for shoulder pain are specifically designed to focus the muscles of the targeted area.

These poses are easy and full with full healing capacity. Let us now dive into the poses and see the magic happening!!

Ear to shoulder roll

 This has to be the easiest and the best start-off pose for all the other shoulder pain relief yoga postures.  And the best thing about this pose is that it can be done even in a 5 minutes break during your work while sitting on that same spot.

To get into this pose, all you have to do is to sit on a chair or a yoga mat with your shoulders relaxed and hands on your knees. You have to work your spine straight by reclining your chin inwards to the chest. Take a deep breath and make your body relaxed.

Now roll your head in one direction such that your ear touches your shoulder in that direction. To intensify the turn, you can use your hand to pull your head downwards. Release your head after you get to feel the stretch and come back to the neutral position. Now repeat the rolling of the head on the opposite side.

Ear to shoulder roll

Reverse Prayer

A backward handclasp or reverse prayer pose can be a good cause of stretch on your shoulder area and helps you open the chest to release more of the stress.

To start, recall the prayer emoji that we have in our mobiles. You have to do the same but behind your back. To do this, sit on your mat and turn your arms behind your back keeping your shoulders straight.  Now join your hands with each one pressing the other hand’s palm and remain in this pose for 1 to 2 minutes.

For beginners touching the palms can be a bit difficult to achieve. But they can still try and make your pose out in a way of achieving the prayer pose.

Seated forward bend

This pose comes with a lot of goodness not only for your shoulders but your spine and hamstrings also. This helps you align your spine with your shoulders.

To start, sit on a yoga mat with your legs extended out straight in alignment. Now pull yourself forward such that your chest moves as close to the knees as possible. While moving forward try not to forget to throw your shoulders low with tucking in of your chin towards your chest.

Once you have lowered yourself, try to touch your feet if possible, and before doing that inhale in your breath and slowly exhale while you are extended forward and get back to the normal position.

Downward facing Dog

This pose is an inverted V-shaped pose that engages your whole body. To get into this pose you have to form an inverted V by pushing your hip bones up towards the sky and with hands and feet grounded to the mat. Now move your arms away from your shoulder with all the fingers widen and pressing against the mat. With the feet as well, make your souls push the ground behind the hips.

To engage the core as well,  make sure to pull your belly upwards and quadriceps straight. Don’t forget to inhale before getting into this posture and then exhale in 5 to 6 large breathes while being in this pose.

After exhaling you can retreat back to the normal standing position and then repeat the pose.

Cat stretch

This pose can not be felt flattering to many of us but gives a great stretch to the shoulders targeted areas. For this pose, firstly you have to get down to a tabletop position. With your hands and knees intact with the ground straighten up your spine by lowering your chin and shoulders down towards the chest. This is the cat stretch. You can further add to this stretch by creating a cow stretch just b rolling your neck and check upwards to the sky . In the cat stretch position, exhale in 5 6 breaths and then retreat back to the normal position.

Cat stretch

Seated Eagle Arms

This pose helps your stretch your shoulders with your entire spine along the length. To start this pose, sit on a yoga mat and wrap your right elbow with the left elbow by twisting your arm from underneath. Now within this twist, try to join the palms or the back of both the hands with fingers and wrists pointing upwards.

After when you have achieved this pose, lower your shoulders in a relaxed position. Try not to forget to inhale while placing the hands together. Now slowly move your hands in a twisted manner away from your head and face and you can start to feel the stretch from your shoulders and along the spine. Breath for 5 long breaths and release to switch sides.

Seated Eagle Arms

Cobra Pose

For the cobra pose, lie down on the mat on your belly. Now place your palms below your shoulders. Inhale in a long breath and pull yourself up with the push of your palms on the ground. This upwards motion constitutes the upwards movement of the face and chest with hips and legs lowered to the ground.

While you pull yourself up, inhale in and exhale in long breaths while your head being in the air. For further tension and stretch in your shoulders drop your shoulders down away from the ear and carry on with the posture and then lie back to the basic child’s pose for the neutral position.

Locust Pose

From the cobra turn your arms at the back of your spin and chest and interlock your fingers of both hands. After doing so, just like the cobra pose pull yourself up from the ground with a strong inhale. But with your hands interlocked behind your back, you have to stretch them away from your head by pushing the shoulder blades together and opening up the chest.

After attaining this pose you can either stay in this position with certain breaths or extend your stretch for as far as you can go.

Bridge pose

This pose can be started simply by lying straight on the mat. After this bend your knees with your hips being apart and arms alongside of your raised hips. This is the ideal bridge pose. To push your hips a bit higher, interlock your fingers beneath the hips and try to keep your sight straight on the ceiling.

To put exact stress on your shoulders, keep your shoulder blades near behind the back and chin raised away from the chest. You have to breathe in the air right before raising your hips and exhale when you are up in 5 long breaths. After this, you can release the pose and start again.

Savasana pose

And we are finally at a wrap now! It is extremely important to end or start your yoga pose with a resting pose that helps you prepare your body in the beginning and covers all the spaces you have created during the process in the end.

Savasana is a resting pose that is performed at the end of many yoga sequences to relax. To get into this rest mode, all you have to do is to drop yourself on the mat with your limbs freely laid apart from your body. The Best of this is that you rest and let your body melt down into the mat while you gather your breathing rhythms back.

Yoga for shoulder blade pain

Shoulder blade pain can be due to the tension around the upper neck region that makes you feel the stiffness all the way to the shoulder and blades.

Shoulder blades can be hurting when due to your hectic routines while sitting on your laptops and mobile screens. Even if you are a cyclist or mountaineer or of any other profession which makes your torso stationary will eventually make your shoulder blades stiff.

So here we are with the remedy of bringing going your yoga for shoulder blade pain. These basic poses will hopefully help you relax your tensed muscles around and in between your shoulder blades.

Yoga poses for shoulder blade pain

Yoga poses can be done at any time you like it or need it. They can be fairly intense when you start at first so try not to push yourself into a pose that causes you pain and discomfort. You can surely make your way through this.

For the shoulder blade pain and I have chosen the following basic poses to do the ultimate job for you guys. So buckle up to dive into the ultimate stretch for your pain.

All of these yoga poses are suggested to be performed for about 3 to 5 minutes each. You can reduce or increase the time frame according to your need and convenience.

Bridge pose

This pose is the ultimate pincher of the connective tissues that wrap around your shoulder and shoulder blades and along with the spine. To get started, lie down on your yoga mat. Know to bend your knees with the sole of your feet tucked to the ground. With the power push of hands placed beside the hips on both sides push your hips up towards the ceiling.

Now move your hands beneath your hips and interlock your fingers together. Keep your gaze towards the ceiling with the lowering of your shoulder and rising of your chin. This will eventually pinch your shoulder blades together on the back of your chest that will help you release the tension in that area.

Remember to inhale in the breath while pushing your hips upwards and exhale into 5 long breaths in that position.

Upward facing plank

Plank is the basic yet importantly muscle-focused pose that makes your whole body call for it. Just like the original plank pose, upwards facing plank can do wonders to your back and shoulder blades.

To get into the pose, you have to sit on your hips with your arms straight behind your back. The arm should be twisted in a way that your palms are tucked to the ground. Now by using the strength on your palms and shoulders push your whole body up and balance your weight entirely on your heels.

This pose will make your shoulder blades come closer and work on the center connective tissues. Hold onto this pose for as long as you can and then lower your body down.

Locust Pose

The Locust pose is amazing for strengthening the muscles in between the blades. To get into this pose, lie down on your belly on the mat. Now place your hands on the sides of your chest with bent elbows and try to lift your legs up in the air. Once you have achieved this stage, try to extend your arms and hands behind your head and interlock the fingers.

With this backward motion of hands, your shoulder blades will come closer and the stretch can be felt in between them. Keep your shoulder away from your ears and your head straight.

How can I get immediate relief from shoulder pain?

For immediate relief from your shoulder pain, I suggest you go for anti-inflammatory medications. These will help you lower the inflammation in your muscles and help you soothe. You can also use a cold compress to lower your inflammation by taking medication that is out of the checklist.

What causes pain under the shoulder blade?

The pain can be due to many reasons. This can be due to the wrong sitting and working posture or can be a result of stress and tension. The problem accounts due to the tension in the group of muscles surround your shoulders and shoulder blades. Even the awkward sleeping conditions can be the cause of this pain too.


Yoga can be a useful stress reliever no matter what type it is. The pain in our shoulders and shoulder blades is usual to issue for everyone out there due to many reasons other than stress. To overcome this basic tension I have made sure of presenting you with the easiest and workable Yoga Postures For Shoulder Pain that can help you restart your day with the same relaxed feeling.


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