Celebrity Weight LossAmanda Batula Weight Loss. Simple Tips From Summer House Star.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss. Simple Tips From Summer House Star.

If you know who Amanda Batula is you’ll be knowing her from her TV series. The original TV series actress of Series Summer House is intrigued for her weight loss game. Amanda Batula Weight loss game started as he hits the screen with her first season ever. Amanda Summer House weight loss story is quite interesting and ingenious.

During her first season, which was apparently the 2nd season of the Series, Amanda was in her heaviest weights. Soon as the show progressed the actress started to lose some of her load and her viewers caught that change real quick.

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Just to precise what happened, the actress never misses appreciating the results of her intermittent fasting and black coffee. Let us know all see what made her do the weight loss and what helped her achieving this toned body.

Amanda Batula Weight Loss Journey

amanda batula weight loss
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As indicated before,  the weight loss was initiated as she worked along the reality TV series Summer House. As she moved towards her second season,  things started becoming more focused and lean. People or her fans who have seen her in her heavier version in her 1 St season could visibly see the difference now.

The curiosity was on such level that most of her fans got her into a Q and A session on her Instagram and there she revealed she had lost almost 20 pounds. 20 pounds in 2 years was a big number in regards to her overall body change. To this query, she replied that she has a pretty balanced weight throughout her body and has face fat as well.

The TV series actress also claimed that she did not know how much she weighed before. Doing her weight loss struggles after 2 years she actually feels her weight to be as it was in her college.

“I don’t know how much I weighed because I refused to step on the scale but I would say I lost between like 15 to 20 pounds since then and now I’m back to my weight that I was in college.”

Amanda Batula on weight loss

Real Reason Of Amanda’s Weight loss

For Amanda weight gain or loss was nothing much than a number. She nearly refused to get on the scale unless she felt it to be her right weight. So we can assume that her real reason for weight loss was not just the rise on her scale but it was her dress misfit.

According to the actress, a good body and weight is the one that makes you comfortable and fit in your favorite piece of clothing and jeans.

“I avoided the scale for like a full year because the number that you see doesn’t matter; what mattered for me was how I felt in the clothes that I was wearing and how I physically felt about myself.”

How did Amanda Batula Lose Weight?

Mostly for weight loss, the main things that everyone focuses on in their routine is a healthy diet and exercise. The same two things are observed by Amanda batula. She took control over her junk food cravings very well rather than planning strict diet plans. However, a few workouts remain a part of her weight loss journey. She managed her nutritious diet and unhealthy cravings for food perfectly within the guidance of a nutritionist. Let’s discuss in detail her diet plan.

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Amanda Batula Diet Plan


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Thinking of her weight loss reason and the amount of weight she lost can not mention some really strict diet on schedule. For her diet plan, Amanda has some serious tips and notes which she has followed ever since then.

According to Amanda, she was never a workout person so she thought of managing her diet habits and for this reason, she took over to her nutritionist.

“When I was working out I was craving really bad food and so I worked with a nutritionist to figure out what should I actually be eating to achieve my goals and that’s what I’ve been doing ever since.”

For her diet, she started taking a balanced FODMAP DIET with the usual intake of Bullet Proof Coffee. She also added that intermittent fasting was the real game-changer for her body. She also avoided much of the real fruits as she says there is a significant amount of natural sugar in those. Adding vegetables to her meal was also a prominent part of her meal during the weight loss time.

While maintaining her diet, she also gets back to satisfy her craving on and off. According to her, you should always attend to your craving in small doses as this may not overindulge you in that craving. She also did not see much of a calories count while eating as it may not benefit your weight loss, as she believes.

“The only time I looked at the nutritional labels was when I ate something processes to see how many sugars or carbs are in it.”

Amanda Batula Workout

Amanda Batula’s workout was never the right thing or choice for her for weight loss. The actress has done all the efforts for it but she could not take it to further levels of achievement.

In her answer question sessions, she clearly stated that she thinks of managing her eating habits more workable for her body than the workout itself. Amanda at present is working and maintaining her body type and her weight changes frequently, though there is no special “Amanda workout plan” for weight loss.

She stated that,

“My weight fluctuates every single day I go up and down 5 – 10 lbs throughout the year but as long as your favorite pair of jeans fit that’s the end goal so work on maintaining that and not the number on the scale.”

Thus, we do not have any tips of good workout Amanda Batula can offer. However, we can offer you to take a look at weight loss at the gym for beginners guide. It will help you to start your weight loss journey.

Amanda Batula Before And After

Seeing Amanda now gives you the luscious vibe of the body in all aspects. She has lost about 20 pounds and we can see that clearly. Amanda is now more toned from head to toe although the number seems a bit more than the appearance itself. The reason she put forward, for this reason, was that she can gain and lose weight very evenly throughout her body so all that matters to her is that she could fit into her favorite pair of jeans.

Amanda Batula weight loss Before after

Amanda Batula Height And Weight

The very talented reality TV series actress Amanda Batula is now at an amazing weight of 50 kg after losing 20 pounds. Her weight and height of 5’6” make her remember her body back in her college days.

Amanda’s Tip To Weight Loss

Seeing her struggles and methods of losing weight,  one tip that Amanda shares with her followers and friends is

  • Don’t skip completely on your cravings rather than feed your cravings in smaller doses
  • Cut the sugar and carbs you can from your diet
  • Intermittent fasting can do wonders.
  • Loose as much as you feel comfortable in.

With this, we all can have our boundaries set to the limits that we define ourselves. There is no such thing as ideal weight loss as according to Amanda self-satisfaction is the most necessary element before anybody changes.

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Amanda’s SIBO Diagnosis

5 years back, the TV actress was diagnosed by her doctors with Small intestine Bacterial overgrowth (SIBO). It is a disease in which there are more bad bacteria in your gut than good ones. These certainly added bloated to her stomach whenever she ate something.

Bloated belly felt more like weight gain or fat. The treatment was expensive but the samples did not work well for Amanda. Then with the help of her doctor, she started the Low FODMAP diet for 3 years which worked wonders for her body and weight.

Using this diet with intermittent fasting and Bullet Proof coffee made prominent and promising body changes for her body.

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Finally, we are at the closing of the above-written article about Amanda Batula weight loss journey. The goal was to take on clothes Amanda Batula wanted to wear. Finally, she managed to reach the weight of the times of college Amanda Batula went to more than ten years ago.

According to the above-mentioned context, there is a different definition of weight loss that Amanda dictates to us. According to her,  weight gain or loss is just the number on the scale, the thing that matters the most is how good you feel about your body and the dress you are in. It is up to everyone’s own will to how he or she standardize the standards of their weight loss. Seeing her choice of option.

If you are motivated to start your own journey try yoga. Learn about 13 Best yoga stretches to do every day.


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