Celebrity Weight LossMelissa Peterman Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Melissa Peterman Weight Loss | Diet and Workout

Melissa Peterman weight loss was pretty unexpected for her fans. She did it her own way. Let’s find out how Melissa Peterman went through the weight loss venture.

Melissa Peterman’s Career

melissa peterman weight loss reba
Melissa Peterman and Reba McEntire

Melissa Peterman is a pretty well-known movie star. Her role as Barbra Jean Booker Hart in the popular sitcom “Reba” made her quite famous. Now the actress is starring as Bonnie Wheeler in Baby Daddy.

The first time she appeared on the big screen was in the mid-1990s with the film Fargo.

Afterward, she has been engaged in more than 30 different movies and shows and gradually gained popularity.

Melissa loves her profession very much. She once said

“Out of all the things I get to do, whether its’ music, TV, Broadway, whatever it is, making the friends and getting to stay in touch with them, that’s the icing on the cake.”

Nevertheless, if you are thinking about whether Reba is going to be relaunched or not, it seems the answer is no yet. As Reba McEntire commented:

“It would be very hard to do a Reba reboot because Steve Howey is on Shameless, Melissa is really busy on Baby Daddy, and Chris Rich is doing a movie in Oklahoma right now.”

Now, let’s go deep into the topic of our discussion. What was Mellissa Peterman weight loss plan about?

Weight Loss Journey

melissa peterman weight loss
Pregnant Melissa Peterman

Melissa Peterman and her husband, the well-known coach, John Brady, gave birth to Riley David Brady in 2005. Afterward, she gained weight.

At the time, Melissa Peterman’s weight loss journey began. Melissa Peterman handled with shredding a weight of about 60 pounds within just over a year.

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Before that, her body weight had been okay, though she hadn’t followed any diet or workout regiment. Nonetheless, what happened afterward amazed everyone!

Actress Melissa Peterman hasn’t opened up all about her weight loss, though everybody saw how slim and beautiful she looked after her appearance in the autumn of 2007. It was pretty shocking for her fans.

So, how did Melissa Peterman’s weight loss go on?

How did Melissa Peterman Lose Weight?

weight loss melissa peterman
Melissa Peterman diet and weight loss

What Melissa Peterman did to get rid of the gained weight was take control of her habits. The same happened with our hero. As always, it starts with avoiding older habits.

Melissa wasn’t the only celebrity to give up old habits for being healthy. Kathryn Dennis weight loss plan included that as well.

Melissa abandoned her old practices and started to follow a healthy diet. Diet overall consisted of protein-rich foods without sugar and fat.

As for workout sessions, the actress hired a personal trainer to help her with her training exercises.

It is fine to during weight loss; you permit yourself some weaknesses. So did Melissa Peterman.

While she sometimes stepped back from her weight loss program, the actress got control over her desire to eat something prohibited.

Melissa Peterman Weight Loss Surgery

There are always rumors hovering around celebrities that their weight loss is a merit of surgery. However, we have found no mention of that. Hence, Melissa Peterman didn’t undergo a weight loss surgery or even use special pills for weight loss.

Melissa Peterman Diet Plan

melissa peterman weight loss plan
Melissa Peterman after weight loss diet

Melissa Peterman’s menu is quite interesting. She had a healthy breakfast with eggs, spinach and bacon. In addition, she ate an apple and drank a smoothie. As she revealed later:

“Every morning I start my day with an organic egg white omelet with fresh spinach picked from my garden, a side of turkey bacon, and a fresh fruit smoothie. Then I eat an apple on the way to his preschool, and the closest thing I have had to a fresh fruit smoothie since I had my son is a watermelon, jolly rancher! I add cinnamon in my cottage cheese for special occasions and dip the apple.”

She also opened up some details about her family cooking traditions and mentioned his husband, John Brady:

“My mom was a good cook. We had a family dinner every night, and I just absorbed it. Plus I married a guy who loves to experiment in the kitchen.”

Hence, she has no problem creating her own weight loss plan with her mother, who passed her cooking skills, and her husband.

You may think that such a breakfast is too much. She had about 500 calories. However, with a preschool-age son, her housekeeping works, and her job, she led a pretty active lifestyle. We find Melissa Peterman weight loss diet quite efficient and counted well in terms of calorie amount according to her needs. She later explained her diet plan on her website.

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Melissa opened up that sometimes she had to carry her child, and she needed to be strong to do it.

“Frankly, he’s a large child. I need to be able to lift him.”

So, she had a portion-controlled and healthy food diet. Hence, all needed in order to lose weight was a well-established and proper exercise routine.

Workout Routine

As we mentioned above, Melissa Peterman got a fitness coach to be helpful with bringing her weight loss idea to life. The strength training sessions had two goals – burn off calories and become stronger.

The persistent work with a personal trainer of about a year brought the expected results as we saw a slender figure on the red carpet event.

Melissa Peterman Weight Loss Before and After

melissa peterman weight loss before and after
Melissa Peterman before and after weight loss

This weight loss journey was very impressive. Melissa Margaret Peterman did it! She just did it for herself.

“I’ve been very lucky that I’ve been on TV, and I’ve been a lot of different sizes and ages. I’ve been pregnant and fake pregnant. I’ve been at a point where I felt healthy and like how I looked… and there’s been times where I haven’t. I have been really lucky that I’ve never not worked or been told I have to change what I look like to be on TV.”

It is essential that she liked the journey very much.

“I can’t change…so I celebrated it. I do think as you get older you should let things go. It’s like yeah I got a muffin top. I’ve earned it, and it was super fun making it. It’s awesome, and I don’t want to give back those bread and carbs. I like them.”

However, she rightly noticed

I’m funny, and I play funny characters, so it doesn’t matter if I’m not a size two or I may have some crow’s feet or whatever. Beauty is really about confidence.

Melissa Peterman Height and Weight

melissa margaret peterman weight loss
Melissa Peterman on the red carpet

Melissa Peterman’s weight now stands at 147 pounds. The overall lost weight was about 60 pounds. The height of the actress is 5 feet 8 inches.


Never go on a weight loss journey for someone else. Do it for yourself! That’s what you should learn and realize from Melissa Peterman.

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